Sunday, June 12, 2005

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From Anderson Drive to Queen's Cross - click on photo for full size version

Rubislaw Church with added lamposts

Another rear view of 76 Carden Place

Desswood Place from the junction of Fountainhall Road. Note the newly installed parking bays - it now costs residents forty pound per car to park in a residential street

76 Carden Place showing where the original entrance was at the side.

76 Carden Place again

It's Vicky again!!

76 Carden Place from Albert Lane - note the huge bay window extensions and altered dormer windows at the top.

Queen's Cross from Fountainhall Road

Fountainhall Road looking towards King's Gate

Again, looking through the old garage site towards the new office building (Paladin UK) which faces Blenheim Place. It used to be a council yard of some sort.

Looking up Queen's Lane South showing the extent of the flat building.

Rubislaw Church from Albert Lane

Dizzy's from the rear - awful !!! Picture taken from Albert Lane

Campbell and Sellers from outside the old TV studio

Old Grampian TV Studios from opposite Rubislaw Church

Queen's Cross Church

Next door but one from 76 Carden Place is Quantum Claims, Frunkie Lefevre's "no win -no fee" operation. Also features the front entrance to Dizzy's Bistro. The real horror lurks round the back.

76 Carden Place, now called Balmoral House

Looking down Carden Place from Queen's Cross

Washington Wilson's house originally on the south east side of Queen's Cross. Was also Dizzy's Bistro at one time before they moved across the road.

At one time beautiful domestic dwellings on the North East side of Queen's Cross - now oil company offices.

Queen's Cross from Queen's Road - Hi, Vicky

Nice Sign

The Dutch Mill

Looking towards Queen's Cross from Queen's Road

Looking towards Queen's Cross from Fountainhall Road

Old Grampian TV studios from the end of Albert Lane

This used to be Grampian TV Studios, again being turnes into flats. The dry cleaners to the right of the picture was a police sub station at one time. Our neighbourhood policeman is now based in Ferryhill !!

The site where Campbell and Sellers garage once stood. There was also a seventies office building behind the garage until they both got demolished.

Rubislaw Church Centre

Fountainhall Road looking towards Queen's Cross

Albyn School For Girls

Queen's Gate looking west up Queen's Road. Photo taken from the foot of Forest Road opposite Albyn School.

The Queen's Hotel

Simpson's Hotel, a relatively new hotel just up from the Queen's hotel.

The Aberdeen Grammar School playing fields at Rubislaw.

The old Do school, which Stewart Milne is converting into yet more flats and houses that very few can afford. Photo taken by pointing the lens through the barricades surrounding the site.

The old Earl's Court Hotel/Egg and Dart now flats. Photo taken from corner of Anderson Drive and Queen's Road outside the old School of Domestic Science.